Website Design & Training In Longmont!

I specialize in building WordPress web sites. WordPress is a user friendly, very efficient website design platform. The blog format is favored in ranking on Google Search. The static page design is excellent for building standard websites.

This web design format has been around for a while, numerous themes and plugins have been developed for it.  The way that WordPress is built, changes to your website can be as easy as editing a Microsoft Word document. This makes WordPress sites easy to update, dynamic and changing, which is why Google favors them in the search results.

If you need a website, I will build you a WordPress web site. If you are at all technically inclined, my preference is to build you a website and then train you to be able to expand your website, make changes to it and keep the site updated and maintained.

There are samples of sites that I have built, on the right. Some of these sites were built for  clients, who now manage and build these sites themselves. These sites were built to please my client’s taste.  I don’t impose my taste on my clients. It’s what the site owner wants that counts.


The way I like to build a web presence is as follows:

I ask you to provide examples of what your site might look like.

You provide URLs for other sites that you like,  images, photos that you want in the site. You provide content, text and information that goes in the site.

I build the site with a theme that you can understand and will have plenty of latitude for changes in the future. I install plugins to give you security and reduce unwanted comments.

When I am done with the preliminary site, I send it to you for your review. You go through the site and make a list of desired changes

I make the changes and finish the site!

But, we aren’t done yet! Next, either I sit down with you, or I log into your computer, remotely,  and we talk on the phone. We go through your site, making changes, building pages and posts, inserting images and  add tabs to the menu. We update the software, add plugins, demonstrate themes and build widgets.

The way I like to do it, on your computer, is to tell you what to do next and you do it. This way you learn to do web building your self. After an hour or two, you’ll be exhausted and excited to have a new  and empowering skill. It will probably take more than one meeting, depending on how much proficiency you want to master.

I am then available for follow up sessions, problem solving, or fixing things for you.

Where getting up to speed on WordPress, by yourself,  takes quite a while, with a tutor it goes very quickly.  With my service you’ll have a website and an education, in a couple of weeks or so, with backup when you run into problems.

Service Area and SEO:

Another service that I provide to business owners is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This paragraph is an example of SEO.  SEO is what you do so Google wants your site to show up on the first page of the Google search results.  I want these city names and these keyword phrases visible to Google, so I work them into a sentence. I am located in  Longmont, Colorado, in Boulder County. I serve the surrounding areas of Lafayette, Loveland, Erie, Boulder and Fort Collins, as well as the rest of  the country. These days distance is no barrier to business. I can log into your computer, remotely, with your permission,  and talk on the phone and provide personal website maintenance and education, no matter where you live.

So, do you need a web site?  Give me a call. 303 325-4208 or email me via the contact sheet.