SEO – SEM – Get Found on Google

 What is SEO?

What does SEO do for a website?  If you have an internet site, and if no one sees it, does it exist? Well, it does exist, but only for individuals you tell about it. Your domain, your URL, is on your business card and  individuals see that, look for your domain, and think “what a great site”?

If the service or product you supply is just to be offered to select people, then un-findable website is great. However if you want individuals to discover you, when they are trying to find a service, then maybe you require some search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is what makes your site appear when individuals are looking for something on Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Some SEO could occur normally. Google sees words on your website that tell Google what your website is about. Various other internet sites connect to your website as it contains information that they want to share with others. Individuals post your website in social networks and that blog post gets shared. That’s called organic, the way Google wants your site to rise in the Google rankings.

However organic SEO takes some time, it can take years. And, for a lot of websites, it never ever happens. The website is constructed wrong. No one stumbles on the site. You don’t get connected to or shared on social networks. You lovely site is just seen by people you tell about it.SEO - Search Engine Optimization

The choice is to do Search Engine Optimization for a site, purposefully. Analyze and modify the website to customize it for Google, so Google recognizes what your website has to offer, without over doing it. Include content in the website that is good for the potential client and also informs Google exactly what you wish to be found for. Build links to the site so Google thinks others like the site, without looking unnatural. Get the site discussed on social networks, in an organic, all-natural way.

Depending on the keywords that you want to rank for, it could take a few days, weeks or months to get discovered on Google. If you offer a non-competitive service in a village and no one else is offering that service and no one else is trying to rank on Google’s first page, you could “show up on page one” pretty rapidly. If you are competing with others for a page one listing for a lucrative service or product in  metropolis, it could take a while to get on the first  page of the Google SERPs.

SEO could make or break a company. Being on the first web page of Google search provides a company direct exposure. If you supply a service or product, and you  aren’t already busy with clients or with the clients that you want, you probably need some SEO.