Marketing 101

My name is Jim Morris. I bring years of practical experience to both business planning and marketing. I managed a large construction company for over twenty years. That gave me the hands on  experience of running and caring for a business. The internet has changed the marketing formula.  Today, an effective website, on the first page of Google, is the key to targeted customers walking in your door or making your phone ring.

I learned that there is a big difference between working for a company that you own and owning a business that works for you. In the first case you have the compensation  of an employee and the stress of a business owner. You might as well go work for somebody else and eliminate the stress.  In the second case, you operate a business, you don’t work for it. You are compensated as a business owner, not as an employee.

I learned both the right way and the wrong way to run a business. A big part of being successful is to be able to choose which customers and clients you are going to work with. Without marketing you have to take whoever finds their way to your door. With good planning and marketing you attract the customers that you want to supply, service or work with. You can pick and choose customers that are appropriate to your business plan.

A good business plan coupled with good marketing create a profitable business that works for you, rather than you working for it.


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