A Business, Not a Job

I specialize in marketing and business planning. I have decades of experience in construction management. I learned, from both personal and professional experience, that there are two critical tasks for any business that are often, indefinitely postponed. One is securing a steady source of appropriate, new and continuing customers or clients.  The other is forward planning what you want your business to be and to become.

To try to be everything to everybody is to become nobody special. To clearly define and market who and what you are about is to become the Go-To business for that niche.  Marketing, branding and planning  are integral. They work together. The marketing and branding is defined by the forward planning. The sense of a well defined and identifiable market niche is the result of  integrated marketing and intentional planning.

Jim Morris will work with you to bring your business to market.

We specialize in building an effective, affordable and focused web and mobile presence. We will work with you, like a business coach, to clarify and integrate your business plan into your marketing and branding.

Your website may need to be prominent in the search engines.  Why does one site show up on page one in Google and another site , offering the same service or product, is no where to be found?

The process of optimizing conditions such that your site is visible when searching for specific key words or phrases is call SEO, search engine optimization. SEO has two broad components, on-page and off page. On page SEO is the way the website is assembled to appeal to the search engines. Off-page SEO is the managing of off site conditions to facilitate getting found.

It is critical that your website be owned and controlled by the business owner. For some business’ it is advantageous for the owner to be able to update  content periodically. A good website does not have to be expensive to be effective. The SEO process can be simple or complex depending on  competition for the search terms that are appropriate to your business.

The result of  focused marketing can be a business that works for you, rather than a business that you work for.

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