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Why do business with James Morris Consulting?

Do you need a new website? Are you looking for a website builder? Is your business hard to find? Is the only access that customers/clients have is through the domain name on your business card? It is important that your website be attractive, that it makes a good first impression, that your website presents what you do or sell in a professional and personal style.  Once a client gets to your website, it is important that they be impressed, positively!  One of the websites that I have built is Bamboo For Life. Check it out.

 Many web designers can build beautiful web sites, art really, pleasing to the eye. Here’s the catch, is your web presence built such that your site will be on page one of Google and Bing, for many searched phrases, driving maximum focused traffic to your business. Does your website make your phone ring? I have been in business for decades, this isn’t academic for me.  I love art. It’s nice to have a beautiful web site. But, what you need is a traffic cop directing customers to your front door.

Do you want your business to be found on Google?Web Design and SEO

When a customer wants what you have, how is he going to find you?  Marketing is the process of informing people that your business has what they need. There are people “out there” who need what you have to offer. Chances are, a potential customer/client is going to type something in Google, look on the first page that pops up and make a phone call. If you want your business to be successful, you need to be on page one of the Google search results.

What does it take to be on the first page?

Why does one website show up on page one in Google and another site, offering the same service or product, is no where to be found? It doesn’t happen by accident. Here’s the steps:

  • Keyword Research:  Figure out what most people will type in Google when they are looking for what you offer.
  • Build an optimized website:  Every part of the website is designed for two functions: To get found on Google and to appeal to customers when your site is the one they click on.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO):  SEO is the process of optimizing conditions such that your site is visible when searching for specific key words or phrases. It has two broad components, on-page and off page. On page SEO is the way the website is assembled to appeal to the search engines. Off-page SEO is the managing of off site conditions to tell Google that your site will give the “Googler” what they are looking for.

Isn’t  getting on page one of Google difficult?A Client asks "What is SEO"?

Many businesses can land on the first page of the Google results. Part of keyword research is to determine how competitive your particular “niche” will be to land your business website on page one of Google.

Why choose James Morris Consulting?

When I build your website, I am building a traffic machine. I will work with you  to integrate your business plan into your website, marketing and branding. I specialize in building  effective, affordable and focused web and mobile visibility. I bring years of business and marketing experience to get your business visible to customers.

Contact Jim Morris.

 Longmont & Boulder:  303 325-4208